Indie4Less: Myrtle Dress by Colette

The Myrtle was, uh, not well-received on GOMI, to say the least. Fortunately, StitchWench offered up this Vogue 8873 alternative, which has a zipper in the back (easily removed if using stretch fabrics) and ZOMG POCKETS.

Or Kwik Sew 4026, found by Ermigawd and sewn up by Stitches and Seams‘ Debbie Cook.

Update: The original Vogue alternative, 8873, relies on the bias cut of drapey fabrics to achieve the cowl. An additional option noted by commenter Thanks for reviewing my box, Vogue 1351, also relies on a bias cut bodice.

For non-bias, the Kwik Sew originally posted is designed for knits, and commenter Jay suggested Vogue 1250.

(all amounts in USD)

Myrtle by Colette, $14 for PDF, $18 for paper

Vogue 8873 for bias, $5.99 (sale) on, paper

Kwik Sew 4026 for knits, $6.99 (sale) on, paper

Vogue 1351

Vogue 1351 for bias, $5.99 (sale) on, paper

Vogue 1250

Vogue 1250 for knits, $5.99 (sale) on, paper


8 thoughts on “Indie4Less: Myrtle Dress by Colette

  1. I bought the Myrtle when it came out so it only ended up being about £7 ($11 or so). Piecing the PDF pattern p*ssed be off big time. It wasted so much paper. I liked the actual pattern though & the dress I made from it (woven version). Still to make a knit version but I do want to make more woven versions with some changes to fit. I like these indie for less posts though, they remind me of the modcloth posts that used to be on The Sew Weekly.


  2. Can’t comment much on the Colette pattern since I won’t pay to spend money on ink and time cutting and taping. I have the Vogue, it has several features not in the Colette. There are effectively two fronts and this can make for unexpected bulk. The Colette seems to be relying on the stretchiness of knit for its cowl drape.V1250 is a good bet for knit plus cowl, but the skirt is definitely sheathlike.


    • Vogue 1250 is, imo, several (sexy) levels above the Myrtle style. That pattern is amazing in its own right.

      Vogue 1351 is very similar to the Kwik Sew, but I believe the skirt is not quite so flared (I actually made it twice, and the second time swapped the skirt for one more flared so it didn’t skim my stomach so closely). The bodice is supposed to be made with a lining but it is easily omitted – I just extended the underlay (the part that folds under) to give it more weight.


      • Thanks for that. And that reminded me that I omitted one big point – while 1351 is intended for soft-ish fabrics to be cut on the bias, I actually made it in a rayon-lycra knit and didn’t bother with the bias layout.

        (Not certain about links, but I believe it was this fabric: … except I bought it from Emma One Sock and therefore paid much more (I assume it’s the identical fabric, it happens sometimes). No regrets though, I love EOS and accept this happens once in a while, although I do check and Fabricmart just in case. End digression.)


      • Derp, there’s more.

        In 1351, given that it was a knit, I omitted the zipper and the topstitching. But I did make the waist seam allowances a little deeper iirc, and I used them to create an internal casing so that I could insert elastic so as to counteract any drag on the bodice caused by the skirt.


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