Introducing Pattern Swap

Welcome to the “SSSF Pattern and Other Sewing-Related and Easy to Ship Paraphernalia Swap”, hosted on Flickr and originally conceived of here.

aka, Pattern Swap for short.

The Rules

  1. The Flickr group is open to anyone. We encourage you to use your GOMI handle when registering if possible.
  2. Only list items to give, not items wanted.
  3. Participation is entirely voluntary. No one should feel obligated to give away anything. You can remove items at any time if you are not satisfied with how the swap is going.
  4. Do not take advantage of the generosity on display. If we suspect abuse, and an investigation proves our suspicions, action will be taken against those users to prevent further abuse.
  5. All contents in the Flickr group are public. Anyone on the web can see the pictures and read the comments; please keep that in mind when posting. We encourage you to use the FlickrMail (PM) function.

The Process

  1. Post a picture to the Flickr group of the item you’re looking to give away. Include a short caption with the item description and Amazon or other merchant link, if available.
  2. Interested recipients should contact the offloader via photo comments or FlickrMail (see rule #5 on visibility).
  3. Offloader and recipient are responsible for resolving logistics, payment accounts, and shipping addresses between themselves.
  4. Once the item is no longer available, please delete the item’s picture so that it’s no longer part of the pool.

(The most up to date version of the rules is also available here in the pages.)


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