Introducing Fitting, the Rainbows-and-Glitter-Free Version

On the Blog

Want fitting help from your fellow sewing-obsessed hamcats? Email us at with the following information:

  • Description and purpose of garment
  • What areas you want help on, specifics if possible (Draglines? Range of motion? Style? Fabric? Construction?)
  • One preview picture of you in the garment; feel free to edit for anonymity if you wish

From these 3 items, we’ll publish an initial blog post to let everyone know there’s a current request for help and direct everyone to the Flickr group.

On Flickr

  1. Join the Flickr group. Membership in the SSSF Fitting group is approved by a moderator. All content is set to be viewable only by group members.
  2. Upload pictures to Flickr with whatever commentary you feel appropriate. Please include front, back, and side views, at minimum.
  3. Hamcats will post their comments and suggestions directly on Flickr.
  4. Once you feel you’ve received enough suggestions and put them to work, we invite you to post pictures of the final garment.


For the benefit and edumafication of all of us out there, we may write a wrap-up post summarizing the issues and solutions and use pictures from Flickr. If this is something you’re not comfortable with, please let us know. If this is something you’d like to write yourself, please let us know as well.

Rules and Disclaimers

  • Commentary on Flickr will be moderated in accordance to SSSF’s blog rules, chief among them, no body snarking.
  • While you may request help on a specific fitting issue, be prepared to receive feedback on topics beyond the request. For example, you may have asked for help on the hem or fabric choice, but you may also receive feedback that you need an FBA.
  • Enter into this with your big girl/boy panties on, because you may not hear what you want to hear. If you want reaffirming headpats, take your fitting questions over to PR. We’re here to tell it to you like it is.

(The most up to date version of the rules is also available here in the pages.)


4 thoughts on “Introducing Fitting, the Rainbows-and-Glitter-Free Version

  1. IMO, the biggest problem with asking for fitting help on PR isn’t the “head patting” nature of things, it’s that that sewists get deluged with a bunch of different posts, often with conflicting suggestions and sometimes beyond the skill level of the person asking for help. And yeah, there’s definitely a tendency towards body snark on the fitting threads there, too.

    I really like the idea of doing fitting help here, in a semi-protected, moderated format, BTW.


    • That’s a good point – the PR and Artisans’ Square threads all show up in Google searches, and even though you have to login to read page 2 and beyond of the PR threads, your half-naked selfies are probably on page 1 anyway.

      Part of the issue I have with some of the fitting threads is that the line between fitting and figure flattery is often very blurred. Which is fine by itself, but then everyone has a different definition of figure flattery, and if you get different advice from different people who each have their own target, you’re basically fighting a losing battle against multiple moving targets on one garment. That’s why we asked for a “description and purpose” of garment – if it’s meant to be a tailored suit jacket, that’s a different set of fitting/flattery requirements than say, a loose-fitting shift dress.


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