Indie4…Indie: Geometry Top by Katy and Laney

Not quite an “Indie4Less”, because 2 of the 3 options are other “indies” in the strictest definition, but here we go:

Katy and Laney’s recently released Geometry Top has some good design lines that are best mimicked by StyleArc’s Ivy Top.

(Note that the Geometry Top is designed for drapey wovens, while the Ivy Top is designed for knits.)

For other woven styles that share a design vibe but not the lines, check out Hot Patterns’ Deco Vibe Shadow Woven T-Shirt & Tunic (1146) and our Big 4 contender, Vogue 1247.

Credit to: Nurse Ratchet, Zoxe, and Put a bird on it was taken

(all amounts in USD)

Geometry Top by Katy and Laney, $12 for PDF

Style Arc Ivy - Line

Ivy Top by Style Arc, $12.06 for paper (AUD$14)


Hot Patterns 1146, $15.95 for paper

Vogue 1247, $4.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $18.75 (, paper


10 thoughts on “Indie4…Indie: Geometry Top by Katy and Laney

  1. I would love to see a similar blog post on the Sutton Top by True Bias. I think its cute, but I hate PDFs and would much rather just buy a Big 4 pattern. But I don’t seem to have any in my stash that look similar.


    • Go to the Style Arc website and use their calculator (make sure to change the currency to US$). I think most people find it’s most economical to order several patterns (plus you then get the freebie of the month thrown in with any order). Shipping costs have *decreased* this year, not that it makes the patterns cheap.


  2. I’ve made Vogue 8962 and it is very similar to the Ivy top. It has a yoke in the back and a CB seam both of which could easily be eliminated. I love this pattern and how it moves to the front and has a bit of a bias swing in the back. There’s an optional cowl which I made separately so it’s good winter or summer. Price? 4.99 at JA’s.


  3. I’ve gotta admit that Indie4Less is a favorite feature of mine!! 🙂 I think that Simplicity 1660 is remarkably close to the Sutton. Ignore whatever is happening with those front bands and straighten out the hemline…It’s an option for $1 and a little effort.


  4. i wish i lived closer to a joanns. I think the closest one i have is in staten island.. which is actually kinda far cause the ferry and stuff. Im probably an indie sellout but its because if i want to buy vogue i have to get it from the website and the shipping and wait time and the post office in bed-stuy isnt reliable.

    looking fwd to the sutton blouse post RP.


  5. Ruthlesslypractical, that’s the one. You can’t pick up the style lines too well with all that print and the actual pattern shows a mile long tunic which would never work for me. As usual, if you look at the line art on the pattern you can see the similarities a little better.

    I love this Indie for Less idea. That is probably because I just don’t get it. Why would you spend all that money? I think there is a bit of psychology going on: Keep those Big Four patterns nasty, mysterious and falsely intimidating and we will provide you with the friendly alternative where you don’t even have to iron your seams. We don’t care about things like that. It’s scary using that big ole’ iron, ya know.

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