Indie4Less: Dahlia Dress by Colette

The Dahlia dress had a mixed reception on GOMI: praise for (relatively) more advanced lines; dubious about the execution on various body types.

If underboob gathers, raglan sleeves, and waist yokes are your thing, So It Goes suggested Vogue 8685, which is designed as “close fit” – the least ease of all Big 4 ease categories and comes closest to the 1″ bust and waist ease built into the Dahlia.

The first blogger that GOMI found who made up the Dahlia, Sophie-Lee of the Curvy Sewing Collective suggested Vogue 8469 in her review. While retaining the gathers above and below the waistband, this pattern trades raglan sleeves for regular armholes and additional ease in its “semi-fitted” silhouette.

(all amounts in USD)

Dahlia by Colette, $14 for PDF, $18 for paper

Vogue 8685, $4.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $15.95 (, paper


Vogue 8469, $20 (, out of print), paper


3 thoughts on “Indie4Less: Dahlia Dress by Colette

  1. I have made Vogue 8685, and found it extremely flattering and comfortable. Also, in my opinion the vogue is more fashion forward allowing use of color blocking.


    • I think the answer to this question really lies in fashion design. Everything in fashion has been done before, at some point or another; it’s just a 10 to 30 year cycle on the same design lines with slight tweaks on embellishments, materials, and finishes. Sewing patterns and fashion design go hand in hand; my opinion is that sewing patterns are derivative of fashion design.

      So, no, just like fashion, there’s probably truly nothing left for “indies” or any other sewing pattern company that hasn’t been recycled at some point in time over the last century.


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