Weekend Update: Call for Pattern Testers!

It’s been a lot of radio silence here at SSSF headquarters over the past few months (blogging is omg such hard work, guys, and we have all these obligations to people in real life and things to do, holidays to observe…oh wait, that’s called Life).

But fear not! What’s been keeping us busy is of course the next logical step in the evolution of our blog: releasing a sewing pattern!

PDF print-at-home pattern, natch.

PDF print-at-home pattern, natch.

And, naturally, we need testers for our omg-best-thing-since-sliced-bread pattern! Tester qualifications include:

  • a 2-day turnaround
  • buttloads of time and materials supplied by you, the tester
  • killing a tree (or 3) to print and assemble the PDF pattern

Pattern testers will be compensated with an imperfect but free pattern and blog fame (because of course you’re going to want to be part of the pattern testing blog tour! and the real pattern blog tour!).

Let us know in the comments if you’re interested!*




12 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Call for Pattern Testers!

  1. I’m like, so interested. There’s nothing going on in my life right now that I wouldn’t jettison for the privilege of spending my own time and money to help you guys further your cause! Count me in, regardless of the quality/ingenuity/originality of the pattern. Oh, wait. I don’t have a blog. Hello? Hello?

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  2. I can’t wait! I am old (over 60!) and have knobby knees and NO waist but I am sure I will look great in a Twiggy style mini dress (really, if you don’t know how cute these are, you should look them up!) updated with a cut-out back to show off my ratty old bra straps. Don’t waste paper with facings, I just turn under the edges and top stitch them anyway.

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  3. Heheh. Welcome back and thanks for a healthy dose of irony (my blog reader has been displaying deficiency symptoms of late). When’s the next indie alternatives post due? I’ve been looking for a D&D Chardon alternative (currently out of stock and no local suppliers in Oz either) and all I could come up with were painfully oversized Knipmode/Patrones version that’ll require heavy grading.


  4. Gee an irresistable opportunity! I just need to buy a new printer, ink and a couple of boxes of paper, drop three or four projects, and I’m good to go. May I please have the raglan version with no shoulder dart for bra strap aeration and the bust dart hitting my collar bones? I love you already. PS I can do wonky top stitching with my eyes closed.


  5. OMG OMG!!!!!!!! Am I tooooooo late to join the pattern test team? Pleeeeeease say I can, preeeeetty please a thousand times!!!!! Your pattern is daaaaarling , I just looooooove it sooooooo much and I AB-soluuuutely knooooooow I’ll give it a wooooooonderful review!
    Choose meeeeeee!


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