Indie4Less: Sutton Blouse by True Bias

When the Sutton Blouse by True Bias was released back in October 2014, it was a very exciting and groundbreaking day in indie pattern design. (Sarcasm intended.)

mork from ork suggested Simplicity 2594, and to be perfectly honest, it’s almost a line-for-line, suggested fabric for suggested fabric, exact match. Even if you pay full price for the Simplicity pattern, it’s still a better value to the True Bias because of the 6 different views vs. 1.

(all amounts in USD)

Sutton Blouse by True Bias, $10 for PDF

Simplicity 2594, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $9.55 (, paper

9 thoughts on “Indie4Less: Sutton Blouse by True Bias

  1. Thank you! I was actually staring at the Sutton Blouse last night, thinking “I want to sew a blouse like that, but I don’t want to pay $10 for that frigging pattern.” I bought Simplicity 2594 this morning. Yay for options!


  2. Simplicity E is closest but looks like the bust darting is used as shoulder tucks, whereas in TB there doesn’t seem to be any provision for bust shaping, and in TB the hemline is extended at the back. Slight differences, but the several versions in the Simplicity make it more useful.


  3. “…it’s almost a line-for-line,.” To copy the Sutton blouse from the Simplicity model you only have to draft out all the pleats into front and back yokes; lengthen the back hemline; add hem to back and front hemlines; add mark for side slits; lengthen front, back and yoke pieces to draft cut-on sleeves.

    It all depends on how much money you have, how much you hate or love drafting, how much you like/would use the alternate views included in the Simplicity pattern, and how well the pattern blocks in question fit your figure.


  4. S1660 is possibly even closer, I think.
    Leave off the collar , round the back neckline and convert the back gathers into an inverted pleat. You already have a longer back hem and cut-on kimono sleeves. Cut the front in two halves instead of on the fold, omit to sew the bottom couple of inches of the side seams – and there you have it!
    Even at UK prices (when there’s a sale, like at present on the Simplicity UK website) it’s cheaper- AND it offers more sizes – up to 48″ bust.


    • I nearly added Simplicity 1660 to this post but decided against it because of the collar and front banding details. Personally, I thought lengthening the back hem on 2594 was an easier undertaking than getting rid of the collar and extending the main pieces on 1660 to get to the main gist of the True Bias pattern, but 1660’s a viable alternative if you already own it and have no interest in buying 2594.

      With respect to size ranges, 1660 wins by a small margin – bust goes up to 48″, while 2594 only goes up to 46″.


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