3 Months Later Blog Tour of Shame…or Fame – What happens to those garments sewn up and blogged right away… but 3 months later? Still in rotation? Or relegated to back of the closet status?

Burn Book: Pattern Edition – Sewing item reviews, SSSF-style.

Fitting, the Rainbows-and-Glitter-Free Version – Tell it to the poster like it is. If it doesn’t look great, no need to play Emperor’s new clothes with us. Also, try to refrain from excessive suggestions for an FBA.

The Gospel of Snark – In case you needed additional confirmation that these posts were tongue-in-cheek.

Indie4Less – Like that indie pattern? We’ll show you where to find a comparable Big 4 one for cheaper, better drafting, and more ease.

Point-Counterpoint – Where we soapbox about social issues with different viewpoints.

Rants Not Otherwise Specified – Self-explanatory catch-all for other posts.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pattern – One pattern, many seamstresses. With different body types, aesthetic preferences, and fit challenges.

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