Introducing Fitting, the Rainbows-and-Glitter-Free Version

On the Blog

Want fitting help from your fellow sewing-obsessed hamcats? Email us at with the following information:

  • Description and purpose of garment
  • What areas you want help on, specifics if possible (Draglines? Range of motion? Style? Fabric? Construction?)
  • One preview picture of you in the garment; feel free to edit for anonymity if you wish

From these 3 items, we’ll publish an initial blog post to let everyone know there’s a current request for help and direct everyone to the Flickr group.

On Flickr

  1. Join the Flickr group. Membership in the SSSF Fitting group is approved by a moderator. All content is set to be viewable only by group members.
  2. Upload pictures to Flickr with whatever commentary you feel appropriate. Please include front, back, and side views, at minimum.
  3. Hamcats will post their comments and suggestions directly on Flickr.
  4. Once you feel you’ve received enough suggestions and put them to work, we invite you to post pictures of the final garment.


For the benefit and edumafication of all of us out there, we may write a wrap-up post summarizing the issues and solutions and use pictures from Flickr. If this is something you’re not comfortable with, please let us know. If this is something you’d like to write yourself, please let us know as well.

Rules and Disclaimers

  • Commentary on Flickr will be moderated in accordance to SSSF’s blog rules, chief among them, no body snarking.
  • While you may request help on a specific fitting issue, be prepared to receive feedback on topics beyond the request. For example, you may have asked for help on the hem or fabric choice, but you may also receive feedback that you need an FBA.
  • Enter into this with your big girl/boy panties on, because you may not hear what you want to hear. If you want reaffirming headpats, take your fitting questions over to PR. We’re here to tell it to you like it is.

(The most up to date version of the rules is also available here in the pages.)

A Practical Guide to SSSF and GOMI

Believe us, on GOMI, if we don’t like your skirt, we won’t lie about it

It’s great to see that our new blog has already inspired some constructive criticism and commentary in the SBC. We are huge fans of sewing and sewing blogs, and this is often misunderstood. We all sew, most of us compulsively; we love patterns, fabrics, machines, notions, gizmos, and writing and reading about them. Trust us, we don’t hate you. Sometimes, we hate what you make, what you say, or what you do. But we don’t hate you.

We particularly loved Communing with Fabric’s recent thoughtful post. We also feel that GOMI Craft contributes to the SBC by being the balance—the gadfly. But there are some misunderstandings we would like to clear up about how things are done here on SSSF, over on GOMI Crafting, and on GOMI in general.

SSSF, the Blog

The editors of SSSF (Sew Sorry, Sew Fat) all met on GOMI and found we shared a similar (but not identical) approach to sewing, blogging, and snark. These were all hashed out through long, rambling, sometimes confrontational and even painful, conversations on GOMI before we ever decided to start a blog. Our rules can be found here.

These rules only apply to and are only enforced on the contents of this blog, both posts and comments. The SSSF editors do believe in these rules, and as a result, the snark you find from us on the GOMI Crafting Forums tends to follow these rules.

Basically, Shams, we agree with you: “sagging boobs” comments and the like are not GOMI’s finest moments, and it’s not something you’ll find here on the blog. We’ve all got something about our bodies that could be snarked on. We hope if we do cross the body-snark line here on the blog, you’ll call us out.


GOMI (Get Off My Internets) is a set of message boards and a front page newsfeed that discusses all kinds of blogs. The boards are organized by blog interest into separate forums, such as the Fashion/Style Forums, the Healthy Living Forums, and the Crafting Forums, among others. These forums are where all members of GOMI weigh in on what they really think about the various blogs out there.

The editors of the SSSF blog do not own GOMI and are not involved in the site’s moderation, administration, or policy-making. The only official rules for GOMI in general are found in the site-wide comment policy, which can be found here. Additionally, GOMI and its owner, Partypants, are not involved in the running, administration, or founding of this blog.

Notice that there is nothing in the policy about keeping comments constructive and away from topics like body image, age, orientation, or race. The policy aims to keep GOMI snark contained inside of GOMI and not to spill over and disturb the lives of bloggers outside their blogs. As a result, there is some vicious commentary on some of the more popular GOMI threads—commentary that, we like to flatter ourselves, would be taken apart in short order on the Crafting forum.

We like to think that our commentary on the Crafting forum is largely constructive and insightful (your opinion may differ). These are mostly things that some bloggers, particularly of the “I quit my day job” variety, don’t want to hear…but we think they should. However, when these types of comments are brought up on some blogs, interesting things happen:

  • The comment never even makes it out of moderation.
  • If comment moderation is off, the comment is immediately deleted.
  • The comment lives, but the commenter is piled on by fangirls for hurting someone’s feelings, being mean, insensitive, being a “jealous hater” (a personal favorite), or an internet troll. See #5 on StitchWench’s “How to Write a GOMI-Worthy Sewing Blog”.

Not every comment on GOMI is constructive. Some people suck. Sometimes people have a bad day. Sometimes things written on the internet are misconstrued, and something is unfairly attacked on GOMI. But whatever is said on GOMI is sure to incite a vigorous debate, and we do love those conversations.

This is GOMI: it is not here to be nice.

Introducing Pattern Swap

Welcome to the “SSSF Pattern and Other Sewing-Related and Easy to Ship Paraphernalia Swap”, hosted on Flickr and originally conceived of here.

aka, Pattern Swap for short.

The Rules

  1. The Flickr group is open to anyone. We encourage you to use your GOMI handle when registering if possible.
  2. Only list items to give, not items wanted.
  3. Participation is entirely voluntary. No one should feel obligated to give away anything. You can remove items at any time if you are not satisfied with how the swap is going.
  4. Do not take advantage of the generosity on display. If we suspect abuse, and an investigation proves our suspicions, action will be taken against those users to prevent further abuse.
  5. All contents in the Flickr group are public. Anyone on the web can see the pictures and read the comments; please keep that in mind when posting. We encourage you to use the FlickrMail (PM) function.

The Process

  1. Post a picture to the Flickr group of the item you’re looking to give away. Include a short caption with the item description and Amazon or other merchant link, if available.
  2. Interested recipients should contact the offloader via photo comments or FlickrMail (see rule #5 on visibility).
  3. Offloader and recipient are responsible for resolving logistics, payment accounts, and shipping addresses between themselves.
  4. Once the item is no longer available, please delete the item’s picture so that it’s no longer part of the pool.

(The most up to date version of the rules is also available here in the pages.)


Welcome to Sew Sorry, Sew Fat, the blogging offshoot of the GOMI Crafting Forums. We are a group of like-minded hobby sewing enthusiasts who are of the opposite mind of the current Sewing Blogosphere Community (SBC). So, we’ve banded together to create this blogging collective as an outlet for the unpopular SBC opinions we have (and that you secretly share, too, but won’t admit you do).

This is the no-holds-barred, tells-it-like-it-is, sew snarky, no rainbows and glitter, sewing blog. Bring the common sense, and leave the Thumper Rule at the door. Stay for the honest conversation, constructive criticism, and snark, because snark is what makes the GOMI world go ’round.