Snarky Garment Tags

Categorizing this under “Things that tickle the inner snarker in SSSF editors” (ok, just me, RP)…

Snarky woven garment tags.

…because Sewaholic’s “Handmade With Love” tags induce saccharine overdose in you.

Personal favorites include (sssf, the site’s right-click on images is disabled, so no image links here):

  • made with #%*&!?
  • made by unicorns
  • this took forever
  • made with irony

The snarky ones are 4 for $4.50, slightly cheaper than Sewaholic’s, which are 4 for $4.98. If you want a custom phrase, Madame FACT suggests It’s Mine Labels, which go for $36 per 100.


Deconstructing “It’s Comfy”

We all have those clothes – RTW or handmade – hanging in our closets. The go-tos for slouchy days that keep you from looking like you walked out the door in PJs. The ones for imperfect weather days, if it’s chance of rain or 90 degrees with humidity, because they stand up to whatever life has to throw at them. Those that, if you work in an office like me, you can throw on without thinking in the morning and know that it’s appropriate office wear. The clothes that you wear so much that you (maybe just me) start to wonder if you wear it too much.

When pressed for a reason why it holds such a place of honor in your heart and wardrobe, the only thing you can come up with is, “It’s so comfy.”

Let’s deconstruct the whys behind what makes a garment “so comfy”.

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