Indie4Less: Icon Coat by See Kate Sew and Jackie Coat by Iconic Patterns

This…pattern, the Icon Coat by See Kate Sew, is a crime against sewing humanity, but more importantly, its obvious original inspiration.

And then to rub more salt in the wound, there’s a child-sized version of the pattern, dubbed the Kennedy Coat (just in case you weren’t clear on the inspo).

There’s also another less wtf-inducing indie iteration, the Jackie Coat by Iconic Patterns, spotted by feverish.

Fortunately, Nurse Ratchet suggested Butterick 6141 (sorry, adult-sized alternatives only) as a better-conceived pattern to get the look.

Icon Coat by See Kate Sew, $16 for PDF, $20 for paper

Jackie Coat by Iconic Patterns, $20 for PDF, $26 for paper

Line Art

Butterick 6141, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $11.95 (, paper

And the original inspiration for juxtaposition:

Jackie O’s Actual Coat, designed by Oleg Cassini

7 thoughts on “Indie4Less: Icon Coat by See Kate Sew and Jackie Coat by Iconic Patterns

  1. Note to See Kate (not) Sew (very well): Pressing is an extremely useful skill to acquire. Check out tips from the Pressinatrix at Gorgeous Fabrics blog. (NAYY)

    Also, Kate, I am offended that you would dare to insult Jackie Kennedy like this.
    Disclaimer: I am old and I remember Jackie.


    • I totally agree with Tamara’s thoughts re: Jackie O.

      The minute I saw this horrible-ocity I knew I had seen it somewhere else and sewn nicely. A little search and it is clear that the Butterick pattern is what? the knock off or the inspiration? Not sure who came first but I am definitely sure who knows how to actually sew. They look exactly alike except for the example of effort shown in the final renditions.

      It is really sad this this example of sewing is being promoted to the less knowledgeable as the way a garment is supposed to look. All it proves is that Kate doesn’t know how to sew at all but can whip out a mean PDF. It is difficult to look at a pattern envelope with that level of mediocrity. I truly believe in short time the wheat will be separated from the chaff and a lot of this faux designer baloney will die it’s very predictable death.

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  2. I looked at the child’s version of the coat. Would it have killed her to move the pockets up so the poor girl could actually put a half-eaten candy in there? Of course, looking at the two versions, the little girl carries herself more like an adult than the model in the original version.


    • The pockets really are illogically, disproportionately low. I don’t think it’s physically possible for the child model to stand up straight AND put her hands in the pockets.

      If I’m not mistaken, the model in the Icon Coat pattern is See Kate Sew herself…


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