Indie4Less: Icon Coat by See Kate Sew and Jackie Coat by Iconic Patterns

This…pattern, the Icon Coat by See Kate Sew, is a crime against sewing humanity, but more importantly, its obvious original inspiration.

And then to rub more salt in the wound, there’s a child-sized version of the pattern, dubbed the Kennedy Coat (just in case you weren’t clear on the inspo).

There’s also another less wtf-inducing indie iteration, the Jackie Coat by Iconic Patterns, spotted by feverish.

Fortunately, Nurse Ratchet suggested Butterick 6141 (sorry, adult-sized alternatives only) as a better-conceived pattern to get the look.

Icon Coat by See Kate Sew, $16 for PDF, $20 for paper

Jackie Coat by Iconic Patterns, $20 for PDF, $26 for paper

Line Art

Butterick 6141, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $11.95 (, paper

And the original inspiration for juxtaposition:

Jackie O’s Actual Coat, designed by Oleg Cassini

Indie4Less: Sutton Blouse by True Bias

When the Sutton Blouse by True Bias was released back in October 2014, it was a very exciting and groundbreaking day in indie pattern design. (Sarcasm intended.)

mork from ork suggested Simplicity 2594, and to be perfectly honest, it’s almost a line-for-line, suggested fabric for suggested fabric, exact match. Even if you pay full price for the Simplicity pattern, it’s still a better value to the True Bias because of the 6 different views vs. 1.

(all amounts in USD)

Sutton Blouse by True Bias, $10 for PDF

Simplicity 2594, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $9.55 (, paper

Indie4Less: Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Files

You knew this post was going to happen. Yeah, we were [insert adjective here], too, that PJs were the newest pattern from Closet Case Files. The claims of slimmer fit were investigated by your diligent SSSF editors, and the ease was noted as follows:

  • bust: 6″ (umm, ok)
  • waist: 10.5″ (head scratch?)
  • hip – top: 5.5″
  • hip – pants: 2.5″ (well, there’s your slimmer fit)

The Big 4 have been releasing pajama patterns f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Herbert Herbert and TOLWLIAS were kind enough to find all the current patterns with notched collars and tops and bottoms, discussed below:

  1. McCall 5992 – Something like 11.5-12.5″ of ease on the top? Sized for knits. Bonus, includes a sweatsuit pattern…for your dog.
  2. Butterick 6145 – Not unisex, but lol the frills. No, literally, the frills. 8.5-9.5″ of bust ease and 4-5″ of hip ease for pants. Sized for wovens.
  3. Butterick 6837 – Beware the unisex pattern – the horror, the horror! Sized for wovens.
  4. Kwik Sew 3553 – Not unisex. No shorts view, but an extra couple minutes with tape measure and flat pattern, and you’re good to hack go. Sized for wovens.
  5. Kwik Sew 2811 – If hacking a pants pattern into shorts is not your thing, this one’s for you. Sized for wovens.
  6. Simplicity 3971 – Hooray for plus sizes! Beware of the 12.5-14.5″ of bust ease and 5-7″ of hip ease. Unisex. PJs are sized for wovens; other view is sized for knits.
  7. Simplicity 2317 – If “slim fit” ease is what you’re looking for and you don’t want to cut a smaller size, this one’s for you: 4-6″ of bust ease and 2-4″ of hip ease. PJs are sized for wovens.
  8. McCall 6659 – Another close runner-up to S2317 with 4.5″ of bust ease and 6″ of hip ease in case Simplicity’s not on sale. Has the most number of views that closely resemble the indie contender. Sized for wovens.

Some other PJ-themed editor suggestions for entertainment and practical value:

  • Kwik Sew 3712 – Adult onesie. With footies. Not even kidding. THEY EXIST, PEOPLE.
  • Burda’s Breakfast in Bed Collection from 12/2014 – In case you want PJs but with a different aesthetic, 8 patterns for the bargain price of $24.99 (PDF).

(line drawings after the jump to keep the main page clutter down)

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Indie4Less: Chardon Skirt by Deer and Doe

The Deer&Doe Chardon is an oldie but goodie (full disclosure: one of the SSSF team has a bit of a crush on this pattern), with a good reputation and an average indie price tag. Sadly, the paper-only pattern is also out of stock, but if you really love that pleated waist, there are less pricey Big 4 options!

The Deer&Doe skirt has no waistband, but does have optional tie-sash or belt loops, and an optional decorative band at the bottom of the skirt.

  • Vogue 9061, suggested by commenter Micmacker, is a pleated skirt with no waistband, length options, and an optional bottom band.
  • Butterick 5756 has pleats or gathers, a narrow or wide waistband, length options, and an optional bottom band.
  • Burda’s pleated midi skirt from the November 2014 issue has inverted front and back box pleats, side pockets, no waistband, a fly front, and a slit in the back.

(line drawings after the jump to keep the main page clutter down)

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Indie4Less: Granville Shirt by Sewaholic

Sewaholic’s Granville shirt has just been released to massive fan acclaim after months of teaser IG posts. And, true to Sewaholic’s form, it looks spectacular: princess seams in the back, darts in the front, tower plackets, a nice two-piece collar, and some beautifully-made-up pattern samples. (Hey, just because we like to snark doesn’t mean we can’t give compliments where they’re due.) It’s a lovely, fitted button-up shirt that would work in light woven fabrics.

Sewaholic Granville, $15.98 paper, $11.98 PDF

But Sewaholic’s target market is the pear-shaped woman. If you are busty of chest or slender of hip, the alterations required on the Sewaholic patterns might be off-putting; or, you may just want a similar pattern for a smaller price.

Well, you’re in luck! The Big 4 and Burda have been putting out button-up shirt patterns for decades, and there are plenty to choose from. Here’s a small selection:

  1. Vogue 8747
  2. Vogue 8689
  3. Vogue 9029
  4. McCall’s 6076
  5. Burda 09/2012 #111 / #112

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Indie4Less: Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Files and Jess Jeans by Iconic Patterns

Now that “Pocket-Gate” and “Crotch-Gate” have settled down on the forums, let’s look at more pics of hips and bums! Just kidding – line drawings only here, folks.

Finding an exact alternative to Closet Case Files’ Ginger Jeans pattern was challenging because of its special 1″ of negative hip ease and 2+% stretch denim requirement, but we got your backs here.

Similarly but currently making less of a splash in the SBC, the Jess Jeans by Iconic Patterns has 13/16″ of negative ease built into the hips (yes, you read that correctly – sixteenths of an inch).

First up is Burda’s Floral Skinny Jeans from the March 2014 issue, sized for stretch twill or denim fabrics. (Spoiler alert: the line drawings look the same as the Ginger’s.) Insert obligatory “no seam allowances here” warning.

While not from a Big 4 company, the veteran stretch jeans pattern, Jalie 2908, has a flared leg rather than a skinny leg and is sized for 4% stretch denim. Similar to the Gingers, the Jalie pattern has two different rise options.


Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Files, $14, PDF




Jess Jeans (1401) by Iconic Patterns, $16 for PDF, $18 for paper



Burda 03/2014 #115, $5.99, PDF


Jalie 2908,

Jalie 2908, $12.99, paper

Indie4Less: Rae Skirt by Sewaholic and Everyday Skirt by Liesl + Co.

Gathered skirts, or “my first sewing project”: the indie way or the Big 4 way?

In this corner, we have the indie contenders: Rae Skirt by Sewaholic and the Everyday Skirt by Liesl + Co.

In the other corner, we have the long-tested challenger, Simplicity 2226 from the Learn to Sew line.

Thanks to TOLWLIAS and brickhaus for the tip!

(all amounts in USD)

Simplicity 2226, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $9.55 (, paper


Rae by Sewaholic, $11.98 for PDF, $15.98 for paper

Everyday Skirt by Liesl + Co., $12.95 for PDF

Indie4Less: Dahlia Dress by Colette

The Dahlia dress had a mixed reception on GOMI: praise for (relatively) more advanced lines; dubious about the execution on various body types.

If underboob gathers, raglan sleeves, and waist yokes are your thing, So It Goes suggested Vogue 8685, which is designed as “close fit” – the least ease of all Big 4 ease categories and comes closest to the 1″ bust and waist ease built into the Dahlia.

The first blogger that GOMI found who made up the Dahlia, Sophie-Lee of the Curvy Sewing Collective suggested Vogue 8469 in her review. While retaining the gathers above and below the waistband, this pattern trades raglan sleeves for regular armholes and additional ease in its “semi-fitted” silhouette.

(all amounts in USD)

Dahlia by Colette, $14 for PDF, $18 for paper

Vogue 8685, $4.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $15.95 (, paper


Vogue 8469, $20 (, out of print), paper

Indie4…Indie: Geometry Top by Katy and Laney

Not quite an “Indie4Less”, because 2 of the 3 options are other “indies” in the strictest definition, but here we go:

Katy and Laney’s recently released Geometry Top has some good design lines that are best mimicked by StyleArc’s Ivy Top.

(Note that the Geometry Top is designed for drapey wovens, while the Ivy Top is designed for knits.)

For other woven styles that share a design vibe but not the lines, check out Hot Patterns’ Deco Vibe Shadow Woven T-Shirt & Tunic (1146) and our Big 4 contender, Vogue 1247.

Credit to: Nurse Ratchet, Zoxe, and Put a bird on it was taken

(all amounts in USD)

Geometry Top by Katy and Laney, $12 for PDF

Style Arc Ivy - Line

Ivy Top by Style Arc, $12.06 for paper (AUD$14)


Hot Patterns 1146, $15.95 for paper

Vogue 1247, $4.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $18.75 (, paper