Me-Made-May 2015: The Drinking Game

April showers bring May flowers and the month-long droolfest that is Me-Made-May. To help you pass the time, we here at SSSF with support from our fellow GOMI Craft hamcats bring you the Me-Made-May Drinking Game.

A drinking game you say? We know exactly how you’re feeling right now: 


But please simmer down now. As your Master of Ceremonies, I’d like to get through the laundry list of rules we’ve made.

JK, there are no rules! (Fooled you.)

You have until Thursday, April 30 to stock your liquor cabinet (and/or sewing cabinet) with your choice of drinks. Fancy glassware is not needed. Extra points if you’re serving drinks in your favorite coffee wine mug.

Below is our downloadable drinking guide containing the rules of the game. It is your bible; treat it as such. Keep it on your phone, your computer, and/or print it out if you’re fancy and can afford paper and ink.

In honor of me, please switch your drink of choice to margaritas on Tuesday, May 5th for the Drinko de Mayo festivities. Because it’s an honor, this is mandatory. 


Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. I (and the editors of SSSF) will not be held liable for anything that happens to you while playing the game. Remember to hydrate and eat something substantial…like cheetos…or ham…or potato chips…or all of the above. 

19 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2015: The Drinking Game

  1. I wear something I made every day, usually self drafted. Can I still slurp? Is TiaMaria on scoop of icecream with chocolate sprinkles substantial ?


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