Indie4Less: Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Files

You knew this post was going to happen. Yeah, we were [insert adjective here], too, that PJs were the newest pattern from Closet Case Files. The claims of slimmer fit were investigated by your diligent SSSF editors, and the ease was noted as follows:

  • bust: 6″ (umm, ok)
  • waist: 10.5″ (head scratch?)
  • hip – top: 5.5″
  • hip – pants: 2.5″ (well, there’s your slimmer fit)

The Big 4 have been releasing pajama patterns f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Herbert Herbert and TOLWLIAS were kind enough to find all the current patterns with notched collars and tops and bottoms, discussed below:

  1. McCall 5992 – Something like 11.5-12.5″ of ease on the top? Sized for knits. Bonus, includes a sweatsuit pattern…for your dog.
  2. Butterick 6145 – Not unisex, but lol the frills. No, literally, the frills. 8.5-9.5″ of bust ease and 4-5″ of hip ease for pants. Sized for wovens.
  3. Butterick 6837 – Beware the unisex pattern – the horror, the horror! Sized for wovens.
  4. Kwik Sew 3553 – Not unisex. No shorts view, but an extra couple minutes with tape measure and flat pattern, and you’re good to hack go. Sized for wovens.
  5. Kwik Sew 2811 – If hacking a pants pattern into shorts is not your thing, this one’s for you. Sized for wovens.
  6. Simplicity 3971 – Hooray for plus sizes! Beware of the 12.5-14.5″ of bust ease and 5-7″ of hip ease. Unisex. PJs are sized for wovens; other view is sized for knits.
  7. Simplicity 2317 – If “slim fit” ease is what you’re looking for and you don’t want to cut a smaller size, this one’s for you: 4-6″ of bust ease and 2-4″ of hip ease. PJs are sized for wovens.
  8. McCall 6659 – Another close runner-up to S2317 with 4.5″ of bust ease and 6″ of hip ease in case Simplicity’s not on sale. Has the most number of views that closely resemble the indie contender. Sized for wovens.

Some other PJ-themed editor suggestions for entertainment and practical value:

  • Kwik Sew 3712 – Adult onesie. With footies. Not even kidding. THEY EXIST, PEOPLE.
  • Burda’s Breakfast in Bed Collection from 12/2014 – In case you want PJs but with a different aesthetic, 8 patterns for the bargain price of $24.99 (PDF).

(line drawings after the jump to keep the main page clutter down)

Carolyn by Closet Case Files, $12 for PDF

McCall 5992, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or sale price $3.99 (, paper

Butterick 6145, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $11.95 (, paper

Butterick 6837, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $7.95 (, paper


Kwik Sew 3553, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $11.99 (, paper

Kwik Sew 3553, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $11.99 (, paper

Simplicity 3971, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $9.55 (, paper

Simplicity 2317, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $9.55 (, paper

McCall 6659, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $11.95 (, paper

Kwik Sew 3712, $1.99 (Jo-Ann’s sale) or $11.99 (, paper



22 thoughts on “Indie4Less: Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Files

  1. When I first saw this pattern , I thought of you. My goodness, this has been done to death. Even those sewaholic PJ pants were piped just like this. Throw your money away if you want, like you, I am sticking with the big 4 patterns I already have. I have PJ patterns back to the 1950’s. My grandma said never get rid of pajama patterns because they don’t change much. I have some of her pajama patterns and I’m really glad she didn’t get rid of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Seriously. I can’t imagine the need for PJ patterns that are fashion forward and hip, and I can’t really imagine doing anything really innovative with them. Unless you spend your nights working as an events coordinator for a pajama party planning busines.


  2. Who the hell wants slimmer tighter pajamas? I don’t think those who actually sleep in them do.

    I wouldn’t use any of the mentioned patterns. I have made A TON of pajamas and now use the same go to pattern for all, Simplicity 2771. The patterns shown above are all nice enough but have you invested time and effort into making this style and then washed and dried it? The collar turns into a twisted mess and that’s despite piping or fabric quality. Does anyone want to iron their pajama collars? I don’t think so. The Simp 2771 is unisex, has lots of ease which I have found comfortable and no notched collar. Instead there is a band that you can pipe and make look really sharp. This design looks great coming out of the washer and dryer. It got so that my family kept asking for more and more of this design from me so now they get them at Christmas each year and really appreciate them. I love this design and you couldn’t pay me to spend my sewing time on a pajama with a notched collar that will look like crap in no time.

    Thanks so much for showing what’s available out there for short money compared to Indie designs. I love that you do this.


    • Umm, if you find yourself twisting and turning into weird sleeping positions like I do, it helps to not have a ton of extra fabric bunching underneath you somewhere that digs into a pressure point. And then waking up in the morning with some weird muscle ache. Just sayin’.

      Thanks for the pattern tip, Bunny!


  3. Thanks for the sum up! My best-fitting PJ pattern is one I pin-traced from a gorgeous pair of Peter Alexander PJ pants. It fits so well and is everything I like – slim around the hips, low-waist and with slash pockets. Plus I can get the Peter Alexander fit without spending a small ransom.

    I still need a sweet button-up pattern, so I will certainly be adding a few of these suggestions to the list.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Personally, I’m probably never going to make a full set of pajamas. I’ve made bottoms for my adult sons, but they would rather wear t-shirts with them instead of a fussy collared and buttoned shirt. And I can make the bottoms in less than an hour on my serger. For me, I wear big ol’ cotton knit nightgowns. If I’m going to put a lot of time and effort into a garment, I want it to be something I’ll wear outside the house.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The indie pattern does, however, have pockets which are harder to find in patterns. I could of course add them in, which I have done plenty of times, but I am lazy and like that they’re already there. I’m also betting that the directions are a lot clearer and if you have a question you have the ability to contact her, so that might be better for beginners. I don’t really think $12 is that outrageous for this pattern given those things.


  6. I just discovered that there’s also a similar-ish Lekala set of patterns, bottom, top) with EXTRA POCKETZZ, even. It’s not Big 4, but at 6 bucks it qualifies as 4Less, I think.


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